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Customer Service


Meet Brody! He is a San Diego native and lives in El Cajon. He followed his mom, Susan, to the CAH after years of getting to know staff and vets as a foster for Pug Rescue of San Diego. Brody has spent his entire life surrounded by rescue dogs, cats, parrots, and snakes. His special favorite breeds are Great Danes, English Bulldogs, and chubby Pugs. Brody's personal pets are a mantle Great Dane named Felix and a foxy feline huntress named Boudica.


Outside of work, Brody loves computers, video gaming, and especially Dungeons and Dragons. Academically, he is passionate about history, with an emphasis on military history in the Napoleonic era. In the future, Brody plans to travel to Europe and spend time exploring historical sites and diverse cultures.


Here at the hospital, we truly appreciate Brody's efficient work ethic, technical skills, and his desire to help pets feel comfortable before, during, and after their treatments. While he is primarily a part of our front desk team, he also works as a technician's assistant striving to provide a fear free experience for pets. Through his work with our experienced technicians, Brody has gained an increased understanding of medical treatment, which allows him to clearly communicate with and reassure concerned clients.

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