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What Makes Cuyamaca Animal Hospital Different

When looking for a veterinarian for your pet, cost and location are often the top considerations for pet parents, and understandably so! At Cuyamaca Animal Hospital, we’re more than just a team of local pet experts who can get the job done.

We’re proud to serve the Santee and East County San Diego community, but we’re also proud of the unique services that set us apart from other veterinarians. We love getting to know our clients, forming intimate bonds with your pets, and now we’d like to invite you to get to know us!

Here is what makes Cuyamaca Animal Hospital different, and the special veterinary services we provide:

Fear-Free Pets

Anxiety at the vet is so common that many people, vets and pet parents alike, will accept the stress and just try to get through the appointment the best they can. But thanks to our Fear-Free philosophy, we can address your pet’s emotional well-being while providing the care and treatment they need!

Fear-Free Pets is an initiative to provide pet professionals everywhere with the tools and resources they need to ensure low-stress and pleasant experiences for anxious pets. We have many professionals on our team who have successfully completed the Fear Free Certification Program who are dedicated to the Fear-Free philosophy and methods.

Additionally, there are a number of measures our entire facility implements that follows Fear-Free principles, like releasing pheromones in the air that reduce stress in both canines and cats. We also play therapeutic music that’s specifically designed for pets to promote relaxation. Learn more about what we do to ensure your pets’ emotional well-being here!

Cuyamaca Animal Hospital San Diego Santee El Cajon Fear Free Veterinarian

Special Dog and Cat Areas

Most veterinary clinics have integrated waiting rooms or treatment areas where dogs and cats will be forced to share the same space and contribute to the overall stress of a vet visit. At Cuyamaca Animal Hospital, we are focused on providing your pet with a happy experience, and we want your pet to be able to focus too!

That’s why we’re proud to have completely separate wings and entrances for cats and dogs so that they never have to interact. We are lucky to be able to provide a spacious and clean facility that will help your cat or dog feel right at home with us!

My Cat or Dog Is Nervous To Go To The Vet - San Diego Santee East County La Mesa El Cajon

Special Veterinary Procedures

When Dr. Lori Martin founded Cuyamaca Animal Hospital in 2006, her dream was to help the community by providing accessible care beyond just routine veterinary services. Cuyamaca Animal Hospital feels so fortunate to be able to offer surgical procedures at a fraction of the cost of specialty veterinary hospitals.

From routine surgical procedures such as spaying and neutering to more complex ones such as cystotomies, intestinal anastomosis, and hernia repairs, we want to provide the entire community with the highest quality veterinary care.

affordable veterinarian for surgery san diego santee el cajon la mesa dog cat surgery

Extensive Staff Training

We take every member of the Cuyamaca Animal Hospital family seriously because we know that veterinary care isn’t just in the hands of doctors. Each role at our hospital is essential in providing your pet with compassionate and high-quality care. For instance, did you know that we have a dedicated recovery nurse to sit with your pet until he or she is mobile again? Our recovery nurse also ensures that there are no anesthesia complications that might occur post-surgery.

We are also known in the Santee community for having excellent customer service to make each client know they are truly a part of our family. All of our customer care representatives are just as passionate about animals as you are! Not only that but when your pet visits Cuyamaca Animal Hospital, they are getting care from a team of experts: multiple doctors on staff consult with each other regarding your pet’s care.

We have worked hard to provide state-of-the-art equipment so your pet can receive only the latest and greatest in veterinary technology. That’s why we also have doctors who are trained in advanced surgical procedures—we do everything we can so that patients don’t have to be referred to board-certified surgeons who charge a lot more.

best veterinarian in Santee or El Cajon or La Mesa East County San Diego


Alternative medicines are becoming more widely practiced and we are proud to integrate different and holistic methods into our treatment plans. That includes veterinary acupuncture which ensures self-healing in your animal’s body in a totally safe way.

Veterinary acupuncture can be administered to treat a wide variety of conditions in pets like arthritis, chronic pain, behavioral problems, and much more. And best of all, pets experience little to no pain at all. In fact, many animals enjoy the procedure and find it relaxing, just like humans! To learn more, check out our blog post on the benefits of veterinary acupuncture for your pets.

Dog or Cat Acupuncture in San Diego or East County like Santee La Mesa El Cajon

We are so grateful for the Santee and surrounding East County community—it’s because of our clients that we are able to give back. From dental services to nutritional counseling, there are so many services we are excited to offer. We even have an online pharmacy with free 3-5 day shipping and no minimum purchase, so that you’re not only receiving expert and quality care at our clinic… we’re providing your pet with everything they need right at home!

Ready to schedule your pet’s first visit with Cuyamaca Animal Hospital? Call us at (619) 448-0707 and find out more about our special services!

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