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Cuyamaca Animal Hospital’s Ultimate Pet-Friendly Guide to La Mesa California

At Cuyamaca Animal Hospital, we are truly lucky to be located in Santee and neighbors to so many amazing different pet-friendly communities. We also know it’s been a tough year for local businesses. With our fingers crossed that folks will be out and about in no time, we want to highlight San Diego’s La Mesa neighborhood and tell you all you need to know as you plan summer outings with your pup.

These restaurants, parks, and businesses are all Fido-friendly, community-focused, and ready to re-open to the public. (Be sure to confirm their hours as they may have shifted and changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic).

Downtown La Mesa Pet-Friendly San Diego

Here’s our ultimate pet-friendly guide to La Mesa:


We love a good, spacious patio that’s Fido-friendly! And when you throw farm-to-table food into the mix, you know you’ve found the right spot. Farmer’s Table has that rustic, farm life vibe without losing the class and quality. Locally sourced and organic ingredients give a whole new meaning to “honest living,” and if you’re looking to treat your body and your taste buds right, this is the place to go. 

The Details:

     Location: 8141 La Mesa Blvd.

     Hours: Mon-Thurs: 9am-3pm, 4-8pm; Fri-Sun: 8am-3pm, 4-8pm

Most people think “fancy” when they think of French food, but BO-beau is going for comfort French cuisine—french onion soup, woodstone oven french flatbreads, and much more, ooh la la! Vegans will be delighted to know there are delicious offerings for them here, too. But no matter what your food preference, you’ll love the shade and intimacy of the outdoor seating, where you can enjoy a meal with your pup.

The Details:

     Location: 8384 La Mesa Blvd.

     Hours: Tues-Thurs: 4:30-9pm; Fri: 4:30pm-10pm; Sun: 10:30am-9pm 

Tiramisu is the go-to authentic Italian experience in the La Mesa Village. Not only is the menu here divine, but the staff is truly passionate about the food and hospitality of the restaurant. They’re also available for large parties or small groups, as well as hosting different events for you, your family, or the workplace. Don’t forget to enjoy a glass of Italian-imported wine on the patio with your pooch!

The Details:

     Location: 8273 La Mesa Blvd.

     Hours: Tues-Thurs: 2:30pm-8pm; Fri-Sat: 2pm-8pm; Sun: 3:30pm-8pm

La Mesa oenophiles will surely be already familiar with San Pasqual. Handcrafted in small batches, San Pasqual wines are truly exceptional. Whether or not you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, you’ll feel comfortable in their tasting room with their personable and friendly staff. And yes, you guessed it: Fido is more than welcome to wine with you at one of their outdoor tables.

The Details:

     Location: 8364 La Mesa Blvd.

     Hours: Mon-Thurs: 12pm-8pm; Fri-Sat: 12pm-10pm; Sun: 12pm-6pm

Parks and Hiking Trails

We love this off-leash dog park, located in Harry Griffen Park. This park has three separate and fenced off areas for different sizes of dogs. There’s plenty of places for humans to “park up,” too, especially under the shade. Canine Corners hosts community-fostering events, is volunteer-run, and truly cares about providing resources about pet health to pet owners. Make sure you spend some time here this summer!

The Details:

     Location: 9550 Milden St.

     Hours: Mon-Sun: Sunrise-Sunset

Lake Murray Trail offers nearly 6 gorgeous miles of wildlife and landscape for you and your leashed up pups. The walking areas are paved, too, making it a versatile experience depending on whether you want to walk, run, bike, or hike! There are also plenty of facilities to accommodate both you and your pets’ needs. 

The Details:

     Location: 5540 Kiowa Dr.

     Hours: Mon-Sun: Sunrise-Sunset

Here is an 11-mile loop for the more experienced hikers which offers beautiful canyon views and some steep hills (so watch your step!). Fido is welcome to join you on a leash and will love stopping to smell the flowers and check out the wildlife. These loops also happen to lead to Santee, so if you’re traveling into town from the trails, check out our pet-friendly Santee guide.

The Details:

     Location: 5540 Kiowa Dr.

     Hours: Mon-Sun: Sunrise-Sunset

San Diego’s tallest mountain, Cowles offers a bit more of a challenge while remaining totally doable for the more casual hikers. It’s also just 10 miles from the downtown area, so you don’t have to worry about ever getting too far from civilization. Make it all the way to the top of the mountain for breathtaking views with your leashed up pooch!

The Details:

     Location: 7001 Golfcrest Dr.

     Hours: Mon-Sun: Sunrise-Sunset

Mt. Helix Park is just about everything you could ask for in a historic park, and more. Available as a venue, a group outing, or a quiet place to reflect by yourself, this park really is here for everyone thanks to the Mt. Helix Park Foundation. Be sure to check out their year-round events with your leashed dog in tow.

The Details:

     Location: 4901 Mt. Helix Dr.

     Hours: Mon-Fri: 5:30am-12pm; Sat-Sun: 5:30am-7pm


Don’t you just love the smell of old books? Your dog might, too, since he’s allowed at Book Place... this really is the used bookstore of our dreams! With over 60,000 books in their inventory, you may be tempted to stay here from open to close. 

The Details:

     Location: 6122 Lake Murray Blvd.

     Hours: Wed-Sat: 10am-3pm

We loved the Howlistic location in La Mesa so much that we just had to boost their San Diego store. Carrying natural nutrition and eco-friendly products, Howlistic knows just as much as we do how important it is to give your pets natural and eco-friendly products. They also have a highly knowledgeable staff that cares about empowering pet parents with the right information to ensure their pets live long, happy lives. 

The Details:

     Location: 930 W. Washington St. #7

     Hours: Mon-Fri: 9am-8pm; Sat-Sun: 8am-6pm

Speaking of neighbors, did you hear our friends at Furry Friends Resort have re-opened their doors? At Cuyamaca, we’ve seen a lot of new puppies come in who have unfortunately not had the advantage of early-life socialization which is extremely important to have in a young pup. 

If you’ve recently adopted or fostered a new puppy, give us a call at (619) 448-0707 so we can make sure he or she is up to date, properly socialized, and ready to share a life-long bond with their new pet parents!

P.S. We also have a new puppy package you're going to want to hear about!

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Jul 16, 2020

Oggi’s in Santee Trolley Station has an awesome dog friendly staff and patio dining. They even have a special menu for dogs so they too can enjoy dinner out. They bring fresh cold water bowls to quench their thirst especially on these hot summer days. We enjoy dinner there with our fur children Gracie and The Dude at least once a week.

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