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How to Prepare your Pet for the 2023 New Year's Celebrations!

New Years is coming up before you know it, which means lots of parties, fireworks, and more! These things are fun for humans, but can be stressful for pets. It's never too early to prepare your pet for the big day, especially those who suffer from anxiety or fear of loud noises and commotion. Here are Cuyamaca Animal Hospital's best tips for keeping your pet safe while celebrating the New Year!

1. Get your pet microchipped (or update your info if your pet already has one). When you adopt, most rescues or shelters will make sure your pet has a microchip. However, most people don't realize that that information needs to be updated every time you move, get a new phone number, etc. If you do not have a microchip, we can help. Call us at 619-448-0707 to make your appointment now. By having an updated microchip, if your pet gets out and someone finds him and takes him to the vet, they can call you by scanning the microchip. This can make all the difference in getting your beloved pet home safely in case he gets out. 2. Make a plan for the day. Unless your dog is a fan of loud noises and crowds (which most are not!), we highly suggest keeping your pets home during the holiday. Instead, consider putting her in a small, dark, and quiet room or crate with soothing music, a fresh water bowl, and giving extra love and TLC before the countdown begins. That way, you don't need to worry about him escaping when your back is turned and the music can help drown out the loud noises from the party! We also recommend making sure your dog had some exercise earlier in the day and had time to do their business to help them relax and not have any accidents during the show.

3. Does your pet need sedation? Make the appointment now! Please don't waste until December 30th to call your veterinarian about sedation. It's a busy time and we want to make sure that if your pet does need medication, that we have the availability and stock to serve you well! If your pet suffers from anxiety, fear, or does not do well with loud noises, we highly suggest calling or texting us at 619-488-0707 to make an appointment and one of our trusted veterinarians can go over all of your options to make New Year's as safe and smooth-sailing as possible for your pet family.

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