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Preparing Your Pet for the Holiday Season with Cuyamaca Animal Hospital

Holiday season is fast approaching, which means now is the time to begin brainstorming ways to keep your pet safe, healthy, and happy during the festivities and celebrations!

Here is Cuyamaca Animal Hospital's best tips for a pet-safe Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas!

Beware of common holiday toxins/dangers

Here's a general list of some holiday items that are toxic to pets:

  • Chocolate

  • Mistletoe

  • Tinsel (which cats love!)

  • Foods high in fat (can cause pancreatitis)

  • Christmas tree preservatives

  • Poinsettias (can cause mild upset)

  • Medications (cold medications are more in use during cold season, so be sure to keep these out of reach of pets!)

  • Alcohol

  • Cords/wires

  • If you're traveling out of San Diego, be aware of salt and ice melt.

Get your pet microchipped (or update your info!)

When you adopt a pet, most rescues or shelters will make sure your pet has a microchip. However, most people don't realize that that information needs to be updated every time you move, get a new phone number, etc. By having an updated microchip, if your pet gets out and someone finds him and takes him to the vet, they can call you by scanning the microchip. This can make all the difference in getting your beloved pet home safely in case he gets out.

If you do not have a microchip, we can help. Call us at 619-448-0707 to make your appointment now.

Remove your pets from stressful situations

While we get really excited for family company and holiday parties, your pet may feel differently! We highly recommend putting your pets in a small, dark, and quiet room or crate with soothing music (try iCalmPet) and a fresh water bowl. You could also consider getting Feliway or Adaptil pheromones to help reduce stress.

  • Adaptil mimics the ​pheromone mother dogs emit after giving birth to help their puppies feel calm and secure - no matter their age, dogs will recognize this pheromone.

  • Feliway mimics the facial pheromone cats create when rubbing their cheeks against objects when they feel comfortable. This pheromone marks their territory as safe and secure.

Give your pets exercise and stimulation

A happy pet is an exercised pet, which can be physical and/or mental. If you have big, stressful parties or events coming up, we recommend setting aside some time to offer your pet physical or mental stimulation. This can be in the form of a walk, play time, cuddles, puzzle toys, etc. This will help them wind down and relax later in the day.

For extra anxious pets, consider medication

If your pet suffers from severe anxiety, fear, or does not do well with company or loud noises, we highly suggest calling us at 619-488-0707 to make an appointment and one of our trusted veterinarians can go over all of your options to make your holiday season less-stressful for your pet.

We hope you have a happy holiday season!

- From your friends at Cuyamaca Animal Hospital!

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